Karthak Mountain

Whitemane Castle is built into the peak of Karthak Mountain. Heading south of the peak is a stream paralleled by a dirt road that can fit two horses abreast but no more. To the immediate South West of the peak is Fallcrest while to the North West is the prosperity providing silver mine worked by the inhabitants of Fallcrest.

A little over 1 square mile, surrounding the peak is grass land while further out are light woods of pine and heavy oak that hide game and sometimes the bandit clans that wander the mountains of the moon. The majority of the population of Karthak Mountain live in cabins in the grass lands and close to the forests. These families of goat herders and loggers owe allegiance to their lord, bringing their due to Whitemane Castle as required by law but also during festivals or for trade.

The most common type of jewelry worn by its inhabitants is silver which is worn on special occasions as a mark of respect to the mountain that provides for their lively-hood. Gold however is valued far more due to its relative rarity compared to the ubiquitous silver, thus easily marking out those who are of higher status.

rough pic of demesne

Karthak Mountain

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