House Kestra

Kestra v2 2


Past History

Event #1 Scandal
Event #2 Infrastructure
Event #3 Madness

Recent History (From start of first session)


1. Controls Karthak Mountain along with Fallcrest Hamlet with 25 families living there who work mainly in the silver mine

The rest of Karthak Mountain has a little over 50 families that are mainly goat herders and lumberjacks living in cabins spread throughout the area.

2. Control the castle of Hearts Home and the surrounding lands including a fishing hamlet by the river that runs from the mountain of the moon to the fingers and the narrow sea.

3. An experienced smallfolk standing army of 200 infantry, 100 archers and 100 Garrison troops.

Holds 200 infantry men loaned to Kestra by Jon Arryn.

Has subverted 200 men from Corbray.

House Investments

Type Defense Influence Lands Law Population Power Wealth
Max 81 32 50 40 24 23 (54) 33
Unused 1 2 0 40 24 6 3

House Kestra

Gold and Steel Staffen