"Ser" Jeremy Ryker

Hedge Knight of the House Kestra


Age: 30 (Mid-Age)
Gender: Male
House: Kestra
Role: Fighter

Height: 6’0
Weight: 15 Stone
Eye color: Grey
Hair color: Brown

Agility: 4 (1b Dodge, 1b Balance)
Animal Handling: 3 (1b Ride)
Athletics: 5 (2b Run,1b Strength)
Awareness: 4
Cunning: 2
Deception: 1
Endurance: 5 (1b Stamina, 1b Resilience)
Fighting: 6 (2b Long Blades II)
Healing: 2
Knowledge: 2
Language: 2 Common
Marksmanship: 1
Persuasion: 2
Status: 3 Hedge Knight, Sworn Sword
Stealth: 1
Survival: 2
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 3
Will: 6

Long Blades II
Stamina I
Resilience I
Strength I
Ride I
Run II
Balance I
Dodge I

Destiny Points: 0
Qualities: Long Blade Fighter I,Weapon Mastery,Sponsor
Drawbacks: Agility (-1 D to tests)Lingering knee injury from an arrow.

Intrigue Defense: 9
Composure: 18

Health: 15
Damage: 0/15
Injuries: 0/5
Wounds: 0/5

Combat Defense: 11 ( 14 with shield )
Armor Rating: 10
Armor Penalty: -3 (Bulk 3)

Base: 5 yd (3 yd with armour)
Run: (2b)

Valyrian steel Longsword “Lady Forlorn” -renamed “Talon’s Grasp” ( Athletics 5 + 1(wep) + 1(mastery) +1(valyrian)) + 1 to fighting tests(superior).
Castle-Forged Shield (5 – 2) + 3 Defense ( 1 additional def from CF )
Dagger (4 – 2 ) +1 Defense

– Valyrian steel Longsword “Lady Forlorn”*renamed to “Talon’s Grasp” -
Castle-Forged Full Plate
Castle-Forged Shield
Travelers Clothes
Travelrs Boots
Destrier Horse


Background: Aided Marcus Kestra and a group of Kestran guardsmen against mountain clansmen while traveling near The Eyrie. Ryker saved the life of the rising Lord Kestra’s son from a grime fate at the hands of the mountain clansmen. This feat finally gave him the opportunity to gain a respectful position within a house.

Goals: Security
Motivations: Duty
Virtues: Devoted
Vices: Arrogant


EXP earned: 18
Enemies killed and feats done in the name of House Kestra:
2 men of the Mountain Clans,confirmed. Scores unaccounted for.
Logar,a Warlord of the Mountain Clans in single combat.
4 armsmen of the House Corbray.
Knight-Commander Lyn Corbray of House Corbray in single combat then dealt his execution, acquired his Valyrian steel sword as a gift from Lord Mercer.(*Had no idea the steel was Valyrian when he used it for the execution)
Unknown Knight of Lord Corbray’s Personal Guard.

“Ser” Jeremy Ryker was born in 268 AL to a struggling merchant family that lived in a modest holdfast near Torrhen’s Square. As a boy, Ryker grew healthy and strong. Ryker had a natural talent for fighting, particularly with swords, which developed early in his life. Ryker served as an escort for his father’s merchant business, and was one that could be depended on to help the town fend off wildling and bandit harassment.

When Ryker was 14, Robert Baratheon along with Lords Arryn and Stark took up arms against Aerys II of the House Targaryen. Though he was very experienced in combat, he did not go to war with the other north men because he was unsure of what the outcome would be. Ryker continued to fight against the increased number of brigands on escorts for local merchants during and after the rebellion.

At age 21, Ryker went to war for the first time. The Greyjoy Rebellion occurred in 289 AL, and would be a major turning point in his life. With Robert Baratheon as the new the king of the Seven Kingdoms, Lord Stark marched a host south from Winterfell for an attack on the Iron Islands to support his best friend and liege. Lord Stark’s host gathered the momentum of many eager young men that heard the great tales of combat from Robert’s Rebellion. Ryker saw this as a chance to prove himself in a real war, rather than the drudgery that became of fighting the random bandits and wildlings.

During the storming of Pike, Ryker proved himself well in combat. He defeated a number of men better armed and armored than himself. The rebellion was promptly quashed, a stupid rebellion, the Greyjoys failed to gain a single ally. Even though it was short-lived, the result was incredibly bloody. The horrors of the brutal combat did not deter Ryker though, but rather spurred him on to desire the life of a professional soldier.

He saw the awards and titles given to the sworn swords that served the Great Houses that participated, and he was sure he wanted to be one of those men. Ryker felt that he had outgrown his meager existence at Torrhen’, and followed Lord Stark’s men back to Winterfell. While his service was commended, he was never able to gain a position within the closely-knit House Stark in the several years he spent there. Ryker felt that he would never be able to wield a sword of castle-forged steel for Lord Stark, so he traveled south in search of glory.

Ryker lived the life of a hedge-knight for most of the last 10 years of the century. He fought under the banners of many lords, went on countless escorts through lawless lands, but he was never able to find his way into a position with room for advancements in a notable house. Ryker’s status never increased, but his skill with the sword continued to rise to an exceptional level. This gave him a strange sense of arrogance and a disdain for knights.

He could not be a “Ser”, but he knew he could best the lot of them in combat. Ryker especially disliked tournament knights. He hated seeing men he deemed inferior to him with the sword paraded in ornate armor and destriers that desired so much but could never have. Despite the scorn that Ryker felt for many nobles, in that he had spent a good part of his life serve without much reward, he had a strange sense of duty. He always completed his given tasks and duties with zeal and loyalty to whichever house.

It was not until Ryker went on an unimportant escort mission that took him near the Mountains of the Vale that he was finally able to gain an opportunity to get the advancement he so much desired.

"Ser" Jeremy Ryker

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