Raphael Draven


Raphael Draven

Age: 23
Role: Assassin/Fighter
Goals: Skill
Motivation: Excellence
Virtues: Devoted
Vices: Wrathful
Experience: 8
Destiny Points: 1

Height: 6’3
Weight: 17 Stones
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Abilities and Specialties-

Agility: 5
Animal Handling: 1
Athletics: 5(Strength 2B)
Awareness: 5
Cunning: 3
Deception: 4
Endurance: 5
Fighting: 5(Brawling 5B)(Add Athletics Rank to Brawling Fight check results, gained from Brawler qualities.)
Healing: 1
Knowledge: 2
Language: 2
Marksmanship: 1
Persuasion: 2
Status: 2
Stealth: 4(Sneak 1B)
Survival: 1
Thievery: 3
Warfare: 1
Will: 3

Benefits and Drawbacks-

Brawler II
Blood of Heroes (Athletics)

Derived Statistics-

Combat Defense: 15 (14 With Soft Leather Armour)
Armour Rating: 0 (2 With Soft Leather Armour)
Intrigue Defense: 10
Composure: 9
Movement: 4yds
Health: 15

Weapon Damage-

Whip: Athletics-1 Reach:3 Qualities: Reach,Entangling
Fists: Athletics-2 Qualities: Fast,Powerful,Grab,Off-Hand+1 (Gained from Brawler qualities)


Gold Dragon’s: 130
Silver Stags: 27,300


Soft Leather Armour
Traveler’s Garb

Kills (AKA People who were already dead.)-

Mountain Bandit: Caved his skull in with a left hook.


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Raphael Draven

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