Joanna Kestra


Name: Joanna Ilara Kestra
Age: 8 (Youth)
Gender: Female
House: Kestra
Role: Schemer

Height: 4’5
Weight: 5.5 Stone
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Brown

Dagger (automatically given by system but I doubt a girl of 8 going on 9 would have a dagger unless she was traveling the high road.)

Palfrey, (Missy)
Saddlebags for Missy,
Tent, Pavilion carried by mule
Common clothes,
Traveler’s Garb,
Nobles Garb (700ss)

Personal Wealth
10 Gd, 604ss (Base of 5 GD)


A summer child, Joanna has enjoyed the stability and peace bought with so many lives by the Usurper’s rebellion. Like her brother she is tall for her age and has been taught the way of a nobles court well. The courteous and attractive young child never knew her mother, who died giving birth to her. Her blue eyes take after her father and Joanna has never had a concrete mother figure which has led to a closeness with her father who she looks up to.

She is most commonly seen wearing clean and embroidered common clothes during day to day activities but when greeting guests and attending official events she wears a deep blue silk dress, contrasted by a short silver necklace with an Amethyst pendant.

Joanna Kestra

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