Jaros Tofel

Braavosi Water Dancer


Name: Jaros Tofel
Age: 22
Role: Expert/Water Dancer
XP: 16

Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 12 Stone
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Agility 4
Athletics 3
Awareness 4
Fighting 6 (Fencing 6B)
Marksman 1
Stealth 2
Will 4 (Courage 1B)
All Others 2

Languages: Braavosi (+1), Common (+1)

Destiny Pts: 1

Water Dancer I
Water Dancer II
Water Dancer III

Intrigue Defense: 8
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 18
Health: 9
Armor Rating: 1 (Padded Armor)
Damage: 4 (Braavosi Blade)

Funds: 1000 ss + 200 gs

Braavosi Blade (800ss)
Padded Armor (200ss)
Traveler’s clothes (1ss)
Book of Poetry (Gift from sister – in Braavosi tongue)
Quil and Ink
Traveler’s pack
Traveler’s Rations


Background: Involved in a battle
Goals: Justice
Motivations: Stability
Virtues: Chaste
Vices: Miserly
Flaw: Honor Bound

Jaros Tofel grew up in the free city of Braavos, living on the docks, learning from the masters of the blade who dwelt there. Little known to them, he was the son of a prominent keyholder who shunned his father and everything he stood for. Despite being firstborn, his younger brother Lyster Tofel was his father’s star child and someone he resented even more than his father. His younger sister, born when he was 5, was sold to a conclave of courtesans.
As his brother took up seafaring, trade, and politics, Jaros concentrated ever more on learning the way of the Water Dancers.
At age 12 he was apprenticed to a high master of the blade. The high master never gave a name, and simply demanded to be called the “Maestro”. The Maestro was a demanding task master and pushed the boy to his limits.
For years, the Jaros would leave his family’s estate early in the morning, climbing over the rooftops, and slinking through the streets, and meeting the Maestro to learn the blade. His father overlooked his absence, saying once at dinner, “The only reason I tolerate you is that you stay out of my way. See that you never step in my way or I shall have your head.”
Because of his father’s comment, he preferred to appear like a commonr, living a chaste life devoted to the blade. His master taught him honor, and his poverty outside the walls of his family’s estate taught him frugality. As time went on, he found himself spending more and more time on the street.

At age 16, he learned the reason his sister had been sold – his father had been horse trading with a powerful member of the Braavos aristocracy, and had been forced to sell his daughter after a particular power play went very bad. After some fierce investigating, he found her at the docks, a servant for a wealthy courtesan, on the way to becoming one herself. He formed a relationship with the sister he had never known, and found he enjoyed playing the role of an older brother.

At age 18, as is so common in the world of Ice and Fire, disaster struck. His father made a deal with the wrong man, and that wrong man sent a detachment of mercenaries to seize the estate and all the accumulated wealth. The house guard were quickly overwhelmed, and while barricaded with his father he was confronted – his father knew of his skill at bladefighting and had kept him around as secret insurance if the house had ever come under threat. His father, pleading on his knees, told him that the very bad man was a man from the Kingdom, from somewhere in the Vale of Arryn, and that he had declared his father as offensive to him and that both his father and his family deserved to die. With thoughts of his sister on his mind, Jaros threw his father back in disgust, telling his father that he had never done anything for him or his sister, and that his father’s fate was his own. Jaros fled the estate, slaying three heavily armed myrmidons who confronted him as he reached the limits of the estate.

He arrived at the docks to find the boat on which his sister served on fire from stem to stern. Heavily armed, sour looking men stood at the docks preventing people from trying to put it out. The men would only say that it was a matter of security for the citizenry and that they stay back. The men stated that one of the people on the boat had betrayed the free city by witchcraft, and had been put to death.

Realizing that this could only have happened with the consent of the Sealord (or at least the Sealord looking the other way), he fled the free city, vowing revenge on the evil man who had killed his sister.

He traveled to the Eyrie, looking for clues that indicated who this bad man was, and was swept up in the house conflicts by virtue of his skill with the blade. As of today, he maintains an abstract position of a free blade, the best in the keep, hired for only the most dangerous of tasks. He lives a spartan life, his hunt not known to many, but enough he realizes that it will not be forever until the evil man comes looking for him.

And when the evil man does come for Jaros, the evil man just might see a flicker of steel and find a Braavosi blade through his heart.

Jaros Tofel

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