Gold and Steel

A Firm Foundation
Trade Quality is so broken.

The last month has seen significant movements by House Kestra. First the Lord led his son and warrior retainers to scout out suspected poachers who turned out to be a mountain clan led by a massive warrior. He rallied his small host when they were found and sallied forth from Whitemane Castle to head east down the side of Karthak Mountain.

When the Lord came upon the mountain clansmen in the forests they took up club and rusted steel while climbing towards the lord’s force. While his son observed, Lord Mercer started the advance before a sneak attack from his north saw a archer volley wound several of his men. Jaros Tofel rallied the archers and sent continuous counter fire on the cowardly ambushers while “Ser” Jeremy Ryker wheeled his infantry unit north to further threaten them. With the knight about to sweep their position away the mountain men broke lines and scattered away,

During this time Raphael Draven led the 2nd Infantry unit to hold the charging mountain men at bay, with locked shield and disciplined strikes the enemy broke. “Ser” Jeremy Ryker brought his unit south again and cut down the fleeing men to a man, with the hedge knight slaying the enemy commander in single combat.

In the aftermath the spoils from the enemy camp were taken while the keep feasted well on the freshly killed game recovered there. The 2nd Infantry were tested in the crucible of battle and came out stronger for it while the men of the 1st Infantry look battle hardened, the slaughter they performed honing their killing spirit and freeing them of weak small-folk thoughts of mercy or cowardice.

Maester Martz Nochester used the good fortune of a trade route free of raiding for the meanwhile to engineer a great commercial feat. Gathering the women of the town and turning them to seamstress work, his inspired designs have been the talk of the Seven Kingdoms. Selling for great sums, the fickle nature of lady’s fashion whims has bankrupted many a small lord across the continent. The road from Whitemane to the vale has been choked with trade goods heading downwards one way while the rattle of gold filled bags is heard coming up the other.

More than filling the Lord’s coffers, the boon has also led to a master smith, an artisan of great skill being sent to serve the household as payment for some of the Maesters finest work. The fashionably loud sleeveless dresses with over-sized frilled collars in the new ‘Nochester’ style have been sold for many times their cost. This spinning of ‘gold from naught but air’ has caught the eye of Kings Landing and soon a raven arrived from John Arryn ordering the maester to be sent to the Capital while a replacement maester is enroute. The Lord of the Eyrie has however sent men with Ser Morton Waynwood from his lands to drive the mountain clansmen almost completely from the Kestra holdings as compensation.

House Kestra’s grip on its lands and borders are now the strongest they have been in memory. The court of Kestra has spared no expense for new arms, armour, equipment as well as beautiful and strong southern horses from as far as Highgarden, said to be bred by Willas Tyrell himself. With a more surefooted stance, now is the time for House Kestra to grasp even higher.

Ser Morton Waynwood leading the mounted portion of the men sent from the Eyrie.

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